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"I was impressed with Flying Ruler’s accuracy. It works quickly and effectively", "It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s app collection" (Editor's Choice, MUST HAVE)




"I literally said “wow!” when I first used this app and I think it’s a truly impressive marvel of mobile technology", "The Flying Ruler Rules"




App Store Reviews:

Nariosan, 07/03/2016

The one to get!

Out of 6 measurement apps I downloaded this is the only one I kept. Here's why

#1 it works. It actually measures any distances pretty accurately.

#2 ease of use/ versatile:

Drop phone at starting point and press button, pick it up when it turns green and drop phone off at end point. Whether inches or feet away. It doesn't matter.

#3 truth in advertising. All others say free and then you find you can't use them without paying money. This one says $1.99 up front. No tricks.

#4 cheapest and most accurate. The others use things like photos and they are just not as accurate as this one.

Improvements? Of course I'd like it better if it was free. But you get your money's worth. What measurement tape cost less and goes longer? And you always have it with you.

PS: the calibration method is so simple it may confuse you. Just drop phone on a flat surface as shown/ oriented on drawing and it automatically detects it and places a check mark. Repeat till all 6 drawings have a check mark.

Just pay attention to the drawing: which way is the button? (up, down, face down etc. )


Docj, 02/27/2016

Fantastic technology

I was looking all over the App Store for some measuring app to measure between walls and distances. The only thing out there were stupid apps were you had to hold your finger down and slide the phone hoping your fingers don't slide off the screen. This app is using technology to basically lift the phone and put it down from one point to another and the accuracy is extremely good but of course it will never equal a measuring tape. I can imagine using this while I'm out and about and needing to measure something in the store


Iconic730, 05/02/2016

Great and really accurate app!!

This app does a phenomenal job of taking precise measurements. It's not 100% (with a case) so it can't replace a ruler for small measurements but it's pretty close (off by maybe a 1/16th")! It is by far the most superior app I have found on the market though!!


lars b amble, 11/23/2017

this should be the only measurement app on the app store

it’s a shame i had to wade through a bunch of crap apps in the measurement category before finding this one as this is clearly the only one worth getting. i was unsure about dropping the 2 bucks for it initially but now i’m glad i did. very well designed, great and extensive use tutorials built right in, works exactly as it says and incredibly accurate. i only hope adding another review bumps it up a bit higher on the search list when people search for measurement apps cause this deserves to be the first, if not the only one that shows up. well worth getting, perfectly designed, works very well. really this exceeds expectations and goes above and beyond in all areas. as a designer myself, i give the team behind this app mad kudos. good work.